Taman Nasional Gunung Merapi

Travelling Stuff

Don’t you ever brought a lot of stuff in your bag while travel. Beside the cost of charge added that you should paid in airport, you won’t feel comfortable with the unnecessary things in your back. And, you won’t have any space if you’d bought some souvenir from your destination place. So, here is the list of number things that you should bring to travel:

1. Credit Card

You are safe with this one in your wallet. In a destination place, you might don’t know where to change your money with the applicable one. Bring a lot of cash is not even safe. You don’t know the situation of the place that you step up in. So, keep in mind to take a credit card wherever you want to go. It’s really worth and can use to pay off your hotel, a restaurant bill, etc.

2. Pocket Camera

Take some picture of your destination place. You don’t know if you’d come back or not. Capture a moments there for your memory. A pocket camera is enough, simple, light and no need a big place in your bag. You don’t have to take a SLR one, remember, you are traveller not a photographer. And don’t take so much time to shoot, you’ll miss the moment at the times.

3. Bathing Stuff

Some of us have a sensitive skin or hair. Don’t let your travelling crush your body. Bring some soap, shampoo, and toothpaste to taste. A sachets one is so much better than a bottle one. Your bag pack wouldn’t get heavy without the last one. If your skin kind a Rhino’s, you only need to take a toothbrush from home. Hotel you stay usually provide a soap and shampoo for you. They won’t let their place get a smelly guest.

4. Clothes

Two or three change clothe is enough in travelling. If you want to travel over one week, make sure you were found a laundry in that place just in case. You don’t have to bring a lot of clothes while travel. You just stay for a while, not moving your live life there. Don’t forget to adjust with the place that you want to go, the weather specially.


Travelling is fun. Come and see to a new place, meet a new people will widening your soul and mind. Leave the unnecessary things behind. Just make yourself comfortable and having fun there!

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